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Safety Statements Cork

What is a Safety Statement and why do I need one?

Under Section 20 of the Safety Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005 every employer must as soon as possible prepare or cause to be prepared a statement in writing which is known as a Safety Statement. This Statement specifies the manner in which safety, health and welfare shall be secured in the workplace. The purpose of the document is to require employers to assess the workplace over which they have control and to identify the hazards to safety, health and welfare in that place of work. It is not possible to publish a generic safety statement as the risks in each workplace vary depending on the activity being carried out.

Failure to comply with the section 12 Safety Statement requirement is a criminal offence. Civil liability may also attach.

Key Components of a safety statement:

1) General Policy Statement 

2) Organisation

3) Arrangements in force

4) Review

The Safety Statement should cover the Employer’s organisation of safety, allocating core responsibilities, Employees responsibilities, Employer’s arrangements for safety and health, Hazard analysis and Risk Assessments, review and revision.

It is very important that a Safety Statement is not left to gather dust. It is a working document and hazards must be continually assessed and risk rated. It is also important that your company Safety Statement is reviewed at least on an annual basis.

Section 12 (5) of the Act may require that a Safety Statement’s contents are to be altered under the direction of a HSA inspector if he/she is dissatisfied with the quality of it’s material.

The Safety Statement must be revised also if significant changes have occurred, such as:

  • The creation of a new department
  • The introduction of a new process
  • Take-overs or mergers
  • Transfer of responsibilities from one manager or director to another
  • Closing down or selling part of the business, so references to a non-existent part of the organisation must be removed
  • Change of premises
  • Changes in Legislation, Codes of Practice, Irish and International Standards
  • Changes in Technology.

The Employer must provide:

  • Safe place of Work including access and egress
  • Safe equipment
  • Safe systems of work
  • Safe and competent co-workers

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